Pocket Fritz 3 full cab precracked
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POCKET FRITZ 3 (no shit)
PocketFritz 3 is the ultimate mobile chess companion, ready to play anywhere and anytime. It may be small in size, but its playing strength is gigantic. Its brand-new chess engine, developed by Mark Uniacke, has a well-balanced positional style with fi rst-class tactical strength. PocketFritz 3 is considerably stronger than its predecessor – the estimated playing strength is 2650 Elo!

The improved and enhanced analysis mode of PocketFritz 3 delivers full information on the search, like depth, evaluation and main line. But it can also display multiple lines (best, next best, etc.). You can also install other chess engines, apart from Hiarcs and Crafty, which are not part of the PocketFritz 3 package but will be offered for download. With it you get a tournament tested openings book, over 300 annotated games in PGN format, and search functions for players, tournaments, ECO openings codes and the current board position

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Pocket Fritz 3 full cab precracked